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From Founder Mike Green


As working parents with two young children, cracking open a nice bottle of wine each night was our reward for making it through the day. Yet, as is often the case, one glass leads to another and so on. Each morning waking a little dusty, you swear you’ll drink less next time only to repeat the same habit.


I thought to myself, “I like wine. I just need less alcohol in it”. So, we explored no- and low-alcohol wines only to find the taste lacking. After a few sips, we’d pour the rest down the drain.


That’s when we started to mix half a glass of premium wine into spritzers. At just half a standard drink, they were light and delicious yet still delivered on taste. This allowed us to enjoy our wine experience without feeling boozy or hungover the next day. Perfect!


We immediately felt the benefits of reducing our alcohol intake: more energy, a drop in calories and so much reclaimed time. We became energised and happier.


We knew there must be other health-conscious Aussies, who love a wine, but don’t love the hangover (hello - new parents). So, we birthed a ‘mindful drinking’ brand—Hilo.


At Hilo, we make full-flavoured, all-natural wine spritzers. With no added sugar, and always just half a standard drink, they are the perfect choice for a happier, healthier you.

our story

Hubby and dad to two gorgeous daughters. Mike is an award-winning restaurateur and pioneer of the organic food movement.


He is passionate about creating a future where mindful drinking is not a fad, but a new normal for the next generation.

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